Kidz Hip Hop

Kidz Hip Hop Classes - see dance in a whole new way!

Our kids hip hop classes teach basic hip hop movements in a kid-friendly way to students ages 4 to teen. Our hip hop classes were created to make dance more attractive to more groups - boys, girls, those who haven't ever danced, and those who have danced in the past, but are tired of the whole dance environment.

Are classes are broken down into a 10 week format. Every week, kids will learn 3 moves, which they will practice, and then incorporate into our routine. By the end of the 10 weeks, they will have all the moves for that routine, and they will perform it. Once they can perform it, they will "promote" to the next level, and work on a brand new routine and new moves. This keeps them excited and motivated to continue, never getting bored with the same old, same old.

Our Hip Hop Kidz learn to dance, and so much MORE

Our Hip Hop Kidz classes get your kids moving and learning - very quickly - with one major difference. In our classes, THEY quickly become the LEADERS. We teach combinations of 2 and 3 moves. Once the students know them well enough, they are asked to volunteer to lead the class in the combo. Even the shiest students eventually give in to the excitement, and want to become the star of the class! It's all on their time line, though, as we never force a student to lead. We want it to come naturally, when they are ready.

Our Hip Hop Kidz get to utilize their CREATIVITY in the section of class we call "Free dance." As we circle up, students can volunteer to show an original movement, or a movement from class, and the circle will follow. Kind of like a musical "Simon Says!" It is a time to throw out the rules, let loose, and let the kids shine!

Our Kids Hip Hop Classes are SIMPLE and ON DISPLAY

We wanted to Keep It Simple Sweetheart! Our classes are simple and built around FUN. No dance attire is necessary. We wear our Hip Hop Kidz T-shirts, and you can choose your bottoms. Your kids will have access to class videos, where they can review the moves and practice easily at home.

You are welcome to watch all classes. No more being pushed out the door while your kids are taking class. We pride ourselves on keeping you in the loop. You'll always know whats going on in our classes.

Don't wait! Save your spot in our of our Hip Hop Kidz classes TODAY!

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